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Developing a Mentally and Emotionally



Solution Behavioral Health Consulting Group specializes in helping organizations create attainable approaches to personal and professional wellbeing and mental growth. and well-being of its employees and members.  

We customized behavioral health plans, for organizations invested in their people. We believe taking good care of your PEOPLE is taking better care of your PURPOSE.


Solution BHCG’s services support total wellbeing, whether the concerns be personal, or work related.  


Utilizing comprehensive services like those offered by Solution BHCG often result in increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, increased employee engagement, and lower employee attrition.   


Our services are delivered from a “wholistic” approach, applied organization wide, from leadership to the frontline representatives, and for every dimension of their lives We

Within Solution Behavioral Health Consulting Group, there is over 35 years of experience in managing and delivering comprehensive mental/behavioral health and wellness programming, made available to over 30,000 employees in a wide array of employee groups.



Our team will analyze an organization's assets and needs and identify opportunities for improvement or strengthening, in order to support the formulation of a comprehensive behavioral health strategic plan. The strategic plan will include:

  • Diagnosis

  • Action planning 

  • Intervention 

  • Plans for executing, measuring and analyzing actions and progress


 In response to a disruptive event including the loss of safety and/or grief within your organization, Solution Behavioral Health Consulting Group offer disruptive incident management. These services are facilitated by licensed mental health professionals and certified Critical Incident Stress Managers (CISM). Our team is trained to help before, during, and after your disruptive event to reduce the impact and accelerate the mental health recovery process. Call us to discuss your needs. Disruptive Incident management includes: 

  • Debriefing 

  • Stabilization and follow up post disruptive event 

  • Post critical incident response planning

  • Clinical participation in CISM teams  


Our team will work with organizational leaders to co-design a tailored learning experience for the people of your organization. All of our programs are based on needs assessments. Programs are:

  • Designed and delivered by licensed clinical experts

  • Detailed, interactive, with impactful strategies that can be applied to one's personal and professional life.

  • Offered virtually or in person  



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